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Ready to achieve your goals and dreams?


We help well funded food brands launch and grow their brand by providing brand management, consulting and sales services. We cover all areas from initial development(recipes, artwork, co packers) up to and including sales, as well as holistic value added consulting. 

Our 20 plus years of food industry experience in manufacturing, branding and distribution of products has allowed us to see the common pitfalls most brand owners experience in their first several years of business and beyond. Many new companies go out of business before they get traction by either growing too fast, under-capitalization or making fundamental business errors such as incorrect pricing structures, effective packaging, lack of marketing strategy etc.

Let us earn your trust and show how we can provide value to your organization either through consulting or contract arrangements.

Ready to start growing your brand? Let's connect and jump on an intro call.

Please note that our services are highly professional and we charge appropriately.


For your convenience, we offer hourly rates, and retainer options for short term projects as well as long term hands on management partnerships. Contact Us today to learn more.

Rob Seagrist, President


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