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What our clients are saying


Launching our first to-consumer product, Rob's expertise in natural foods products distribution has been valuable. From helping us to develop pricing strategies to negotiating contracts with brokers and stores … A sound partner to help advance our marketing strategies and goals.

-Brenda Sepúlveda, Marketing Director for Davis Chocolate

Rob has been extremely helpful in growing our company, he helped us explore new sales channels while respecting our capacity as a small business and understanding our vision and mission. He has been a great addition to our growing company. Thank you,Rob, you rock.

-Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar, Founder and CEO for Utica Specialty Foods

Rob and I have worked on a wide range of projects in the last 5 years. He is an outstanding communicator and a consistent problem solver. It has been a pleasure partnering with him to bring new products to market!

-Tray Garner, Regional Sales Representative for Belmark

I have worked with Rob since 2012 in product management, logistics, product development, sourcing and many other areas of our businesses and found Rob to be highly intelligent, very detailed and has great analytical skills. His work as an individual or in teams demonstrates his ability to detail complex issues in sales, marketing, product development, logistics, etc. using highly developed skills and detailed strategies. His overall intelligence is also reflected in his results. Outstanding brands, cost savings, on time delivery and very thorough work to assure no mistakes or hiccups in the process. Rob has excellent communication skills. His written work is both clear and concise. He goes well beyond the requirements in the quantity and quality of his work, putting in a lot of extra time and effort and had no issues with working with any vendor or owner I introduced him to. Rob is unquestionably an exceptional partner for any business opportunity. I would highly recommend Rob for any opportunity in the areas of Product Development (Sourcing, Packaging, Co packers, Ingredients), Quality Control, Vendor Management, Warehousing, Logistics, Graphic Design, Social Media, Marketing and Advertising.

-Don Townsend, President/CEO for Jason Holdings, LLC

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